ProfessionalCOIL AND PARTS Manufacturer

More than 15 years of experiences in voice coils, we offer various kinds of professional voice coils to the market.

Voice Coil Paper Materials

  • TKB
  • Kraft paper
  • E888C
  • Nomex

Voice Coil Bobbin Materials

  • Kapton
  • Aluminum
  • Black Aluminum
  • USA Glass Fiber
  • Glass Fiber
  • Titanium
  • Nomex

Voice Coil Wire Materials

1. Round wire

  • 1.1 Aluminum wire
  • 1.2 Copper Clad Aluminum wire
  • 1.3 Copper wire

2. Flat wire

  • 2.1 Aluminum wire
  • 2.2 Copper Clad Aluminum wire
  • 2.3 Copper wire
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Established in2006, TOC Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. started

the business and continue growth in voice coils and metal industries. More than 15 years of experiences.

  • Voice Coils to the market.
  • Development new products.
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification

Voice coil

A voice coil is the coil of wire consisting of bobbin, paper and tinsel wire. All sizes of voice coils can be requested. Our engineer teams are pleased to support customer in various type of high quality voice coils and competive prices.
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Voice coil assembly with dome

High Quality Voice Coil Assembly with Dome Specially. Total Solution for Speaker. It produces with all kinds of dome (Titanium, Aluminum, Mylar, PET, Polymide)
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Titanium, Aluminum, Mylar, PET, Polymide are available upon to customer design.
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Metal part (Made to order)

Gauge, Tooling, Mold are available upon requests.


  • Made-to-order Metal Parts Steel.
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Standard export to customers demand.
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Why Choose Us

The 1,600 m2 factory buildings are occupied for consolidated all processes for reducing unnecessary handling and increasing capacity in products.

Fast Working Process

A massive investment has made on new production line with belt conveyors, CNC machines, various measurement machines.

Professional Team

With 150 employees, more than 85% of operators are engaged with voice coil experiences. It will allow us to produce much more consistent products.